Gold Sovereigns

Gold Sovereign

This web site has been set up to provide information on "Modern" Gold Sovereigns, minted from 1817 to 1932.

Why do I say are Gold Sovereigns are worth more than bullion?

On any day simply go to eBay and type Sovereign and then click the highest and you will see a coin price which is significantly higher than the Gold bullion price Guaranteed.

Of the over 1 Billion Gold Sovereigns minted it is estimated that less than 1% are still in existences. Many melted down, made into jewelry locked up in Government vaults and some at the bottom of the ocean.

The modern Gold Sovereign was introduced in 1817 after the British government gave the approval in 1816. It was worth 20 Shillings and is made of 22 Carat gold weighing 0.2354 Oz.

How much is a gold Sovereign worth today?

Today's gold price times 0.2354 = Value of gold Sovereign.

If you take a sovereign to the local gold exchange he would properly give you much less than the price of gold. I coin dealer should give you more, but not what a collector would pay.

Hopefully this web site should guide you to understanding the value of your Sovereign.

Warning Do not clean your coin under any circumstances.

A dirty Sovereign could be worth thousands of pounds but the same coin cleaned would be worth only the Bullion price.